Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If Carlsberg made team meetings

Yesterday afternoon we had the best team meeting ever. If anyone's ever been to a better meeting than this I'd love to know about it! The agenda unfolded as follows.

Item 1 - Chocolate. We've recently bought a web enquiry service from a specialist provider and to thank us for spending thousands of pounds they sent us a large box of Thorntons chocs. Item 1 was therefore an instruction to consume a lot of chocolate during the meeting.

Item 2 - Admissions. Something actually relevant to our work.

Item 3 - Shopping. Our Director, struck down by the Christmas spirit, told us all that we could take a half day off at any time of our choosing during the next two weeks to go Christmas shopping. This will not come out of our annual leave. We were mightily excited by this news.

Item 4 - Food. When we moved into our current building there was a strict edict that none of the teams in the building were to bring in hot food. This was a year and a half ago and most offices are happily flouting the rule. We have now been told that we can do the same. Cue much celebrating and purchasing of cup-a-soup and baked potatoes. We really know how to live it up!

Item 5 - Marketing. Another actually relevant discussion.

Item 6 - Winter Ball. We all went round and told everyone what we're wearing to the staff ball. Then it was 4.55 so we went home. Best meeting ever!

So, as a result of item 3 above, I'm leaving work at 12.15 tomorrow to get ready for our all-staff ball. This means that instead of running in the door, throwing my dress on and running back out again in 15 minutes flat, I have five wonderful hours to paint nails, straighten hair, drink wine and pour myself into my dress. Getting ready to go out is one of my favourite activities and I'm really looking forward to putting on my new dress and jewellery, getting merry with my colleagues and having a bit of a dance. Plus MGL is coming with me which means I get a lift home, my colleagues get to meet him and I get to ogle him in a suit which is another of my favourite activities! All in all it should be a fab evening and I can't wait. I am however trying to avoid thinking about the morning after - at 6am on Thursday I may not be a very pretty sight!