Saturday, April 23, 2005

Girls Aloud

Does anyone else think Girls Aloud are really fab? Or is that just me?...

Hurrah for Saturdays. I love days when I don't have to do anything, but I still get lots done: I feel productive and happy, and I also have plenty of time to sit and play computer card games as well as being busy! Yay. I also love lie-ins, of which I don't get many these days. Tomorrow I have to get up to go to a rehearsal at 10 in Birmingham, which isn't too early but I have to factor in the trains. I hope this one goes better than last week's - although I should get enough sleep this time so I'm bound to at least feel better. (Last week I went to a rehearsal at 9.30 in Solihull, which meant getting up at 6 on Saturday morning after getting back from Prague and going to bed at half past midnight!)

Hmm, back to the card games methinks!


Juicy said...

I hope the rehearsal went better this week Sarah!

I think, however, that you may be alone in the liking of girls aloud, they are quite, quite attrocious.

Even worse than a short ugly man coming up behind you when you are having a post-curry drink with your boyfriend and his entire family and giving your arse a good pat. Don't ask.

Sarah said...

No, Girls Aloud are actually fab, honestly! The short ugly man bit sounds minging though. You'll have to tell me more!

Juicy said...

Well, there's not much more to say other than he also had a really disturbing off-yellow coloured moustache. He was truly a MONGER.

they are not fab. really not. no no no no.