Thursday, December 29, 2005

Speed dating!

Well, I'm back in Leam after a fabulous Christmas, and I have an offer you'll probably be able to refuse quite easily! Does anyone want to go speed dating? I've always wanted to try it and intend to go on Valentine's Day - sounds like an excellent way of spending the evening! It'll cost you 18 English pounds which I know is a little pricy, but you have to try everything once. Let me know at the new year party/by email if you fancy it. (NB this only applies to people I actually know!)

I was going to write a really long catch-up entry but I'm sure people don't want to know all the details of my week in the middle of nowhere. Suffice to say: concerts, carols, relatives, hilarious card games, walks and lots and lots and lots of food! Yay.

Hmm, dinner.

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