Friday, September 21, 2007

Today, I have...

- Woken up with a quite frankly gorgeous man whose office is so close to my house that I could set the alarm for 8.15 which included ten minutes of waking up time (smug smug smug)

- Marvelled at the very special shapes my hair is able to form after just one night's sleep

- Read one and a half books - ok so they were only part of my great Harry Potter re-read mission but it still counts

- Cried twice (yes, it was over Harry Potter...and yes, it was the same bits that made me cry the first time...but in my defence, he had won the Quidditch cup! This is big stuff here people!)

- Played a bit of Mozart while watching people on the street outside

- Smothered some interestingly sparkly cream on my foot in an attempt to de-mingify it - who knew prescription medicine could be so pretty?!

- Eaten two extremely tasty sandwiches

- Craved Green and Black's Maya Gold but resisted buying any (hurrah!)

- Concluded that while Atonement may be beautifully shot and star the delicious James McAvoy, it's just a tiny bit too literary for my un-cultured mind

- Munched on free pic'n'mix (thanks Mark!)

- Pondered the rubbishness of post-midnight TV

- Calculated just how broke I'm going to be next week and drawn up a shopping list that relies heavily on the words "Tesco Value"

- Worried slightly for my personal safety after hearing about more of the vile things that some men in this world are capable of

- Spontaneously grinned while walking down the street while daydreaming about some of the lovely things that other men in this world are capable of!

More exciting activities to follow tomorrow. I expect the highlights to include the gym, Tesco and Harry Potter 4. Sometimes, in the middle of my busy life, days like this are just bliss.


Juicy said...

I was trying to work out how you had managed to achieve all of the above while it was only 10.50, but then got to the bottom and realised what time you actually posted it - you dirty stay up you! Am highly jealous of your week off and shall be aiming to take one myself soon! Was so tempted just not to get up at all today and claim exhaustion but here I am...not that I appear to be working terribly hard...

See you monday for yum yum! x x

Sarah said...

Hehe yes, got back from the cinema at 10.30, watched another film and then faffed about some more before posting. Woke up at 10.20 this morning...

See you Monday - looking forward to it!