Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things that have happened recently

I have been ill. This has caused me to miss a wedding and take two days off work. As of tomorrow I will no longer be ill but will still be snotty, coughy and disgusting.

I have finished re-reading the whole Harry Potter series. I completed the final book yesterday and the tears mixed with general snottiness and unstraightened hair were, I must assure you, an extremely attractive sight.

I have cooked a kick-arse spaghetti bolognaise.

I have had a lovely short haircut.

I have completely failed to blog.

I have been to Barcelona. I have seen the sights, walked for miles, eaten wonderful food, drunk delicious wine and had a lovely, relaxed, happy time which promised many more joyful holidays to come.

I have fallen in love.


Juicy said...

*sharp intake of breath at last comment*

Good for you hun x x x

Sarah said...

Why thankyou.

I haven't told him this yet though... ;o)

Juicy said...

You should do so. Immediately. I'm sure he wouldn't mind ;-)

Sarah said...

Ah well you see my cunning tactic with these things is to let men say it first so you know they really mean it. Might go for it at new year though if nothing has happened by then! :o)