Monday, May 30, 2005

Big red suitcase

I've just bought a big red suitcase! It was from Debenhams and cost £50, reduced from £100! Bargain. I think it should last for years and is a good investment: plus it's red which is fab. I was tempted by the lurid pink but they only had them in small and they were slightly too bright even for me. Of course, I managed to drag one of the wheels through a patch of mud getting it home and then transfer the mud to my trousers carrying it up the stairs of my building, but never mind. Looking forward to tour now...

Also bought a lovely tshirt for £7 (another bargain) and a pretty shirt for work with slightly shiny bits on. I love shopping, even more so now I only get to do it once a month (soooo need to get paid more). I also love bank holidays! Hurrah. And I also love girly rock (have the Ny-Lon soundtrack on at the moment) and baked potatoes with prawns. Life is rather fab today.

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Juicy said...

Yay for girlyness and new suitcases! Also you blog is looking rather lovely and colourful these days which is great!