Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I thought I'd write down some of the lovely-sounding cocktails I read about yesterday. I got all these from the TGI Friday's website and have no idea about quantities of ingredients, but they all sound fab!

Barnamint Baileys - Baileys, mint liqueur, vanilla icecream, Oreo cookies.
Screaming Orgasm - vodka, Kahlua, Amaterro, Baileys. Apparently this is long and creamy!
FBI - Baileys, Kahlua, vodka, vanilla icecream. Stands for Frozen Black Irish.
Silver Mercedes - vodka, cranberry juice, orange sherbet, Champagne.

Anyone fancy a home cocktail-making session?!


Sarah said...

I have to say that the Screaming Orgasm one is very similar to one served at Old Orleans and recreated rather successfully by David and Ali in my first year. It's the same ingredients plus icrecream. I had 3 of them at a dinner party plus 2 glasses of wine and only vaguely remember the walk home... We served the same thing to Jo and Mike before the music centre ball in 2nd year - I have some photographic evidence of Jo looking decidedly giggly. I think she was more drunk at the start of the ball than at any other point, and had to spend most of the reception bit sitting down. Ah, memories.

Juicy said...

I remember her sitting down a lot too...
yes, cocktails...
I've tried them all and they are all brilliant. Even better when the guy making them is a fit frenchman who also makes you roses from paper napkins and snogs you over the bar. It was a good evening and the reason why I highly recommend going out with an attractive blond friend who has legs up to her armpits and lots of confidence when you're single. You meet so many blokes and they all talk to you in the hope that you will introduce them to your hot friend and buy you both drinks all night, even though she is not remotely interested in any of them because she has a fit boyfriend waiting at home. Ah cocktails. I love them so.