Thursday, July 28, 2005


My god. am so pissed. just typed the wong password. hehehe

Chelasea is a legend. she opens her house to us eevry thusday and we drink wine. lots andl ots of wine. ooh dave sait hwas on our bus on the way hoe. and now i ahe a text message. yay. was from julia.

am not as pissed as i sound! have regained hte abnility to type now. can't be arsed to delete mistakes.

want nachos.

mmm wine. julia is great. asll my friends are bantastic. julia espciecially grea. neet to be able to go ack and delate but don';t want to. finders not working. arse.

need bed. have exel retaining tgomorrow. arse. can't tpe at all. arse.

ooh arse. yum.

may have to edit this entry tomorrow.

think everyone should beel as happy as i do. being faboulsou is fab. everyone should try it.


1 comment:

Said Julia said...

Aww, thanks! You're great too! x