Sunday, August 14, 2005

A very nice afternoon

I've had a really good afternoon today. After watching the marathon and chatting to my parents, I curled up on my sofa and listened to some CDs that I haven't played for a while (Ny-Lon soundtrack and Vanessa Carlton) and made a list of all the CDs that I might potentially want, based on odd tracks that I've heard by various groups. Trouble was the silly HMV website wouldn't let me play any of the samples on it so until my brother tells me how to fix this I can't really decide whether I'll like the whole CD or not. Plus I have no money to buy things for myself anyway!

To fix that last problem I filled in applications for 2 more jobs today. I've decided I really do need to move elsewhere in order to have a decent standard of living once I'm living on my own. Filling in application forms is also a really nice way to spend time as you get to write about how great you are!

I'm looking forward to this week - I have lots to do. I'm spending Thursday and Friday doing a training course which means I'm not technically working, although I did have to do 15 hours prep for it last week! It's an EFQM assessor training course so I may have to do some thinking but it should be interesting and will be a really useful thing to have. (I'm not telling my manager I want to leave until I've completed the course!) I'm also going for curry tomorrow which will be fab, and I'll be seeing some friends I haven't seen for a while. Then I think Julia might be cooking for us on Tuesday so that's another night out. On top of all that, I hope to be seeing a flat at some point and it's in a good location with a bedroom and hopefully some furniture! I'm really hoping this is the one so I can get on with moving out and moving on.

And now I'm watching a programme about the nation's favourite number ones on Channel 5. Nice.

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