Monday, January 09, 2006


I picked up the new Arts Centre Diary the other day and I quite fancy going to see several of the comedians who are on this term. Does anyone want to join me for any of the following...?

Lucy Porter - should be good for a girls night out; one of the reviews says "Her bubblegum comedy comes wrapped in a sharp and savvy wit with a dollop of smut on the side". £10/£8, Sunday 19th Feb.

Dara O Briain - you may have seen him presenting Have I Got News For You. V amusing...and Irish, yay. £17, Saturday 22nd April.

Mark Steel - political satire. Used to have an excellent column in the Independent. £12.50/£10, Sunday 30th April.

Paul Merton's Impro Chums - Paul Merton, nuff said. £17.50/£15, Friday 5th May.

Not sure I can afford all of these but will definitely go to one or two (probably the cheapest two!) so let me know. Incidentally...I have now booked my speed dating. There's no going back! :o)

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Juicy said...

Lucy Porter sounds like a laugh, although having just booked a holiday I now officially have no money, grrr.

Speed are brave!