Saturday, March 04, 2006

Does anyone want a CBSO ticket?

I have a subscription to the concert series at the arts centre, which means I buy tickets to lots of concerts months in advance and before I know what I'll be doing round that time. I therefore now have a spare ticket to this week's CBSO concert, because we have a tour rehearsal on Thursday night. Does anybody want the ticket? It seems a shame for it to go to waste, and the CBSO concerts are always excellent so I'm sure someone would appreciate getting in for free. The programme is Beethoven Piano Concert No.1, played by Leon McCawley, and Shostakovich Symphony No. 7, and it's on Thursday at 8pm. If anyone wants the ticket just let me know by commenting/texting/calling/emailing.


Juicy said...

Sarah I miss you wench! Hope you're having a fab time in Italy but come back soon I need my favourite cocktail partner back!

Sarah said...

Missed you too Juicy - loved the random texts though! Bring on the cocktails.