Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My dress (again)

Monsoon have finally added a picture of my dress to their website...so here it is!

PS - I love love love Josh Rouse. Everyone should go and buy "Nashville" right now!


Juicy said...

oooh it's so pretty! We're going to look so hot (well, you will, I'll probably look like an overdressed sack of Maris Pipers. Sigh.)

x x x

Kel said...

oooo it is indeed pretty :o)

you (and you too juicy!) are both going to look gorgeous!


Julia said...

I took my mum shopping on Saturday, we finally found something just as the shop was closing at 6pm. It's lovely though, I just need a jacket to go with it now, and some new shoes too. mmmmm new shoes.

Sarah said...

Yay, well done Julia. We are all going to look lovely, including you Juicy!