Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend in Ely

I've just got back from a rather fabulous weekend in Ely with the lovely Jo and Mike. Lucy drove us there very well and I navigated us there very badly, which I think was an excellent arrangement. After singing along to the best of Bon Jovi, Disney and The Beatles, eating lunch at Pizza Hut Express (who knew?!) and getting only slightly lost, we arrived and then set out on a sight seeing adventure. I ate three scoops of yummy icecream from the chocolate shop, and we went to the cathedral where a very good choir was singing. We then went to Tesco to stock up on yumminess for the evening.

The evening...was fantastic! Jo and Mike cooked a gorgeous beef noodle stirfry with lots of lime juice, coriander, ginger and red chilli, and we drank 2 bottles of wine between the four of us while we ate. After our huge portions of yum, Jo then mixed her world famous Blue Lagoons and the real merriment began! We watched In Her Shoes and spent the whole film being confused and not understanding what was going on, although this may have had something to do with the random phone conversation with Stu in the middle of it (cue much drunken shrieking) and the general vast quantities of cocktail being produced by Mike who got up to make more every time the glasses emptied, which was quite often. We consumed 2 bags of Doritos and generally got very plastered. After the first film, the South Park movie came out and there was much singing and fiddling with subtitles. Some time during this I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to either throw up or pass out, so I went for the second option and randomly left the room, following which I keeled over on the spare bed and knew no more.

This morning my first thought on waking up was, "Why I am I still wearing yesterday's clothes?". I then saw that the Juicy one was asleep on the camp bed next to me, which meant that the bed must have been constructed while I was asleep - I have no memory of this at all. Juicy then woke up and informed me that not only had they built the bed in a very noisy fashion, they had also obtained a pillow for her by pulling one of mine out from under my head which hadn't disturbed me at all. As I hadn't been breathing heavily and wasn't responding to poking she also had to check my chest was going up and down to ensure that I was in fact still living, which kind of reciprocates for the Dorito I licked off her chest earlier in the evening...oh dear. Despite all this I wasn't actually feeling as rough as I have sometimes, although I did have interestingly horizontal hair. I was however quite embarrassed to find out that Juicy had preserved the moment for posterity by taking a phone picture of me in my passed out state, with my stomach hanging out and my mouth wide open. I'm such a classy bird.

After all that the gorgeous strawberry smoothies for breakfast were very much appreciated! We then headed back into town so that Mike could go to audition to be an extra in an Elizabethan film that's being shot in Ely soon - Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush and Clive Owen are starring so I hope he gets picked. After some mooching in Smiths, we headed over to The Bridge which was a lovely and very busy pub, where we stayed for 3 hours waiting for a table and then eating yet more yummy food. My fish and chips were good, but the pudding was the real highlight - summer fruit crumble with real vanilla icecream. Absolutely delicious but sooo filling!

All that remained then was the journey home, complete with Moulin Rouge and 90s cheese performed quite tastefully by Miss Young and I. A most excellent weekend and another night of comedy drunkenness to add to my collection. One of these days I might learn.


Juicy said...

hehehe I liked that entry - summed it up a treat! I have tried to do the same. Must get that photo on the blog...

Sarah said...

Not entirely sure that needs to happen... ;o)