Thursday, April 27, 2006

How to make Chorus more amusing

5.15 - go for dinner at Pizza Express. Eat yummy food and drink wine.
6.30 - search for car in West Orchards car park. Try floors 2, 5 and 4 before discovering it on 3.
6.55 - purchase glass of highly overpriced Arts Centre wine.
6.59 - swallow last few mouthfuls of wine. Blink rapidly.
7pm - go to Chorus.


1 comment:

Juicy the confused motorist said...

Dude, Coventry is so confusing! Sorry I got lost in the car park, but it was highly amusing. And the food was YUMMY!!

Definatly recommended.

I would also like to add:
4:58 - 5:15 getting lost somewhere in Coventry between 'shopmobility', J5 of the Ring Road and actual intended destination of J9 - west Orchards. I am a muppet.