Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tonight I have drunk

2 glasses of red wine
1 Archers and lemonade (homemade)
1 chocolate orange cocktail
2 butterscotch and Baileys shooters
1 cherry cocktail
1 White Russian

I didn't think I was that drunk until I got home and sat down - but as you will all have observed, I'm spelling everything right so far which is definitely a good sign.

It's a bank holiday weekend! Yaaaay. Tomorrow is cleaning and shopping day, then on Saturday I'm going to my parents' for the weekend. My dad informed me on the phone that he has instructed my mum to buy 2 bottles of champagne for Sunday as the four of us are home and one just wouldn't do (my parents are legends). Monday is pizza and film evening with my brother who is the coolest person ever - we have fat evenings once a term where muchos food is consumed and terrible cheesy films are watched. I also have the delights of driving up here with our finely honed singalong CD to look forward to....alltogether now, "I predict a riot...". Then Tuesday is a lazy day before it's back to work on Wednesday. I love university shutdown - 3 free days off is just too good to be true.

Right, I'm going to bed now as none of you people are up to burble incoherently to on Messenger, shame on you. Just waiting for my CD to finish - Josh Rouse is seriously a legend.


Juicy said...

DUDE - you are a legend! Have a fab easter and thank you so much for yummy lasagne and a lush evening out last night. I have no hangover and am feeling decidedly smug about this!

x x

Sarah said...

Well that's seriously unfair! When I woke up this morning my eyes were stuck together and my head was (and still is) seriously complaining. I wouldn't mind only I wasn't even drunk, so having a hangover is just not on. I wish to complain.

Kel said...

I also wish to complain! I wasn't drunk (infact I only had 3 cocktails!) but yet I woke up feeling rubbish this morning! I don't get it!

Hope you have a great easter and enjoy your time with your family!