Saturday, August 04, 2007


Those of you who commute on public transport will know all about the vacant head space that you slip into the moment you settle into your seat. It's impossible to think about anything relevant to your day - you either have a complete gap in your mind or you drift off on a completely random tack. Recently, my bus thoughts have turned to all the lovely things I would like to have one day far in the future when I am earning enough to be able to afford them.

I will have a detached house, tastefully decorated, with a modern sparkling kitchen and a clean, white bathroom with green frosted glass. In the bedroom will be an 8-ft square bed and a huge closet containing my stylish and colour co-ordinated wardrobe. I will be able to play my music as loudly as I like. There will be a garden with a lawn and a small patio area for eating outside in the summer. I will have a wooden recliner that flattens completely for sunbathing, but also enables me to sit up and read.

In my garage there will be a small and funky car which will take me to work and to visit friends at the weekends.

My job will be something that involves wearing expensive, tailored clothing and gorgeous smart shoes of which I will own at least twenty pairs including one in teal suede and one in burgundy. Many of these will have killer heels as I will no longer need to walk across town every day from the bus stop.

I will have a ginger cat named Gustav.

I will host fantastic dinner parties at which I produce delicious food without getting stressed. My friends will be able to stay over as much as they want as I will have several bedrooms to offer them (yes folks, one day it won't be just the airbed and the sofa!)

I will take at least two holidays each year. One of these will take place in the summer and will involve exploring a far away country and seeing the sights that it has to offer. The other will happen in the coldest, rainiest part of the year when I will drive to a cottage somewhere in England. By day I will wrap up warm and visit local towns or go for long walks, and in the evenings I will shut myself indoors, bake huge dishes of comfort food and watch films with a bottle of wine. I would love to take a further holiday with my friends as well, if they'll have me!

This is as far as my thoughts have led me this week. However, while writing this I have realised that many aspects of my dream are things that I already possess. I will still have a great social life and see my many friends often. I will continue to have cosy days in with a book, the tv and my piano. I will still enjoy giggling at stupid things and getting tipsy on wine and cocktails. I will continue to watch terrible tv and when I'm playing my loud music I will still be walking round conducting madly while grinning/crying/full-on sobbing in the good bits. And my family will still be the most important thing in the world.

I like this dream. I also note that, totally spontaneously, I have conjured a world that doesn't involve a special someone sharing my home. Yes, it would be very nice indeed - but it doesn't seem essential any more, and in fact hasn't done for some time. What a happy thought.


Juicy said...

I'll have you to take on holiday :-)

(oh and I'll be happy to occupy one of the several bedrooms, in fact you may name one of the guest bedrooms after me "The juicy suite" or suchlike and you can put in a mini bar for when I visit)

Sarah said...

Excellent. I shall paint it pink and fill it with cocktail ingredients and Ann Summers products. Anyone else want to claim a room?

Hobo said...

Well if nobody's using that wooden recliner at night...

Sarah said...

Excellent - I shall designate it for the exclusive use of any passing hobos between the hours of midnight and 8am.

Juicy said...

I don't understand...who is Ann Summers?

*angelic pose*

oooh your word verification today looks very much like a word I might put into one of my drunky texts "fihgmycg"