Sunday, August 12, 2007

Punting, Poserbility and Picnics

This weekend Juicy and I drove across to Ely to visit Jo and Mike in their lovely new house. We had glorious weather all weekend and I had a really fab time. On Friday night we had a delicious dinner including a most excellent homemade lemon meringue pie, polished off a couple of bottles of wine and some creme caramel Baileys, and played a very silly and entertaining game called Poserbility. It's a bit like statue Pictionary, with each person picking a card with a pose on it, and then modelling someone from the other team into that pose for the rest of their team to guess. The complication comes when you have to do it blindfolded... Much chaos ensued and many giggles were had by all, with the comedy highlight being Mike's comment on me trying to get Juicy to lie on the floor whilst I was blindfolded and unable to speak to her - "It's like a very slow rape". Jo and I won and a very jolly time was had.

The next morning was boiling hot and gorgeous, so after sitting in the garden for a while we headed to Cambridge and went punting down the Backs. We had an excellent student punter/guide who told us lots of interesting information and did a brilliant job steering us between all the punts being piloted by foreign tourists who were absolutely incapable of going in a straight line and tended to end up horizontally across the river. I took masses of pictures and dreamed about college life and wearing gowns to dinner. After that we pottered across town and had a drink and some food in a lovely bar and kitchen place that sold fantastic Pimm's cocktails with added gin and apricot brandy! They looked great and tasted gorgeous, as did the sharing platters which we demolished very successfully. A walk in the sun and an icecream completed our trip out, and we returned home for a BBQ in the garden and another slice of lemon meringue, before collapsing in front of the tv with bloated stomachs and the obligatory Blue Lagoons.

This morning we had another late start and then drove into Ely to buy picnic food which we ate on the river bank. I discovered that Honey Barbeque Kettlechips are very yummy indeed, and then proceeded to eat far to many mini doughnuts, including the last one which I won triumphantly in a game of Uno. After a few more games we headed back and then Juicy and I waved goodbye and drove home. All in all a fantastic weekend with excellent hosts (thanks you two!) and some really glorious sunshine.

This week I'm going to be far too busy, but in a good way. On Tuesday my mum's bringing Grannie to visit me - she'll be seeing my flat for the first time and also seeing the piano that I bought with Grandpa's money. Then on Wednesday I'm out (more on this subject to follow at some point I think) and then Thursday is A level results day, so I'm spending 12 hours in the office answering the phone and eating free buffet. Saturday morning brings the Clearing open day, before I rush home at 1pm to cook lasagne for the evening, of which more in the afore-mentioned post that I'm planning to write at some point soon. I think the theme of far too much food being consumed looks like continuing, and there won't be enough free evenings for the gym, but I'll be having a good time and I guess it's either get thin or have fun so I'm going to settle for the latter. It would be nice to stop feeling bloated at some point though! Hopefully being good tomorrow will restore me to full health - and it's bed on time tonight too in preparation for those reams of results that will come flying off our printer tomorrow.


Simon said...

Did I tell you Clare's working in the Reading admissions office over summer? Apparantly they're also gearing up for a rather manic Thursday.

Sarah said...

Mum mentioned it. Why on earth did they employ her from last week when there's nothing to do?! Madness. Anyway, today was extremely manic with over half the courses at the uni being dealt with by our little team. I had A level results coming out of my ears! More to come tomorrow. This week is always crazy but immense fun too - hope Clare finds the same!