Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Drinking with my mother

Ok, this post shall be me rambling about stuff that randomly occurs. Tonight I went out for dinner with my mum and drank most of a bottle of wine. We went to the Leamington Bar and Grill which was fantastic - gorgeous food and great atmosphere. I had a mushroom, spinach and pesto bruschetta to start and beef wellington for main, and a calypso coffee to finish, and mum and I set the world to rights. We ended up crying after talking about funerals and music that we associated with them, dissecting the oddities of dad's family and laughing hysterically as the inevitable happened and I spilled all my secrets - wine does that to a person I find. I never intended my mum to know about some of the stuff I told her tonight but hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time and was the cause of many a good giggle. We came home via Tesco and watched the last 10 minutes of the England game which qualified us to dissect our performance in great detail and solve all the team's problems at a stroke. They should put us in charge. I have also taken possession of the comedy tent, which comes in a comedy pair of plastic bags.

I was very proud of myself at work today. We had an AimHigher event for 40 year 10 kids, and Charlotte was supposed to be the Lead Officer with me as her Lead Assistant but sadly her dad died over the weekend - she's only 29 and has now lost both her parents to the same type of cancer. Life sucks sometimes. Anyway, she won't be in for a bit so I found out yesterday I had to lead on the event unless I wanted help, so I decided that if I want a promotion eventually I should go for it and show what I can do. I was very pleased that it all went perfectly today and I even stood up and talked to the kids at the end without tripping over myself or looking silly. It may not sound like much but it was the first event I'd done by myself so I was really pleased.

Why is it that attractive men who email me can't spell or use capital letters or punctuation, while those who can are just not attractive? I find this very unfair. I just can't cope with going out with someone who can't write - I know many people have trouble spelling certain words and that's fine, but if you just can't write at all I think you probably can't hold an intelligent conversation and keep me engaged for the rest of my life. It may be arrogant, but it's very important to me. Similarly, if someone has a bit of a brain but isn't attractive then I'm just not going to go out with them however perfect they are in other ways. I do wish someone could combine the two! At least I still have men emailing me which is always a nice ego boost.

Tomorrow is my last day at work until next Tuesday! Five days off...can't wait. WOAH - I just heard that they're axeing Top of the Pops at the end of July. The end of an era! Anyway. Work tomorrow could be interesting - we've had our pay deals on our new single spine agreement and to the shock of all concerned our personnel department have decided that us assistants should be on grade 4 which is less than most of us are paid now. The entire senior management team in our office is outraged by this and our Pro-Vice Chancellor has said in writing that they've graded us wrongly so a major appeal is going on until it's fixed - rather concerning for us though as we're pretty sure they'll sort it out but it makes us feel a little unvalued by the university. We know our managers value us though.

Can't be bothered to go to bed. What else can I find to ramble about? Probably better to stop actually before I start looking silly...oh wait, that happened about 5 years ago in week 3 of term 1 of my first year. Ah well.


Juicy said...

That's a very specific time that you have identified for when you started to look silly...

I don't think you look silly!

Impressive blog entry there Sarah - I think you've set the world to rights! Nothing beats a good giggle with your mum - they not only pay for your food but they can take you completely by suprise with what you end up talking about.

Sarah said...

Ah well, you see that particular week was my birthday and two of the lads from my corridor bought my a bottle of wine (Old Tart from Costcutter - we were a classy bunch). It was therefore the first night that I ever got drunk. I remember completely missing the keyhole on my first attempt to get into my room, and thinking, "This is fun!" - downhill all the way from then really!

Juicy the Air-bedded said...

Sarah you were so innocent! Bless. What a raving alcoholic you've since turned into. Fantastic.

Of course being a Gloucestershire lass I first got pissed at the age of about 9 on my Dad's home brewed cider. That stuff was awesome!

Lia said...

I totally agree on the spelling/punctuation front! Intelligence is way sexier than good looks, I find, and more important too. Hope you enjoyed the Gala concert on Thurs - my feet are still recovering! Enjoy your holiday!