Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why I love my country

I was reminded just now of quite how much I love England. I know the world cup creates a lot of bad behaviour, with people getting really drunk and jingoistic, but it also creates a fab atmosphere and a bit of community spirit. After getting back from work (more of which later) today I caught the last 20 minutes of England's first game, and then went out straight after to get my food shopping for the week. Walking down Warwick Street I could hear Amarillo coming out of Macky's bar (the original version, not the rubbish world cup cover) and there were people all over the street dressed in England shirts and wrapped in flags. There were flags flying from lots of buildings and the flower shop had a full stand outside, and the whole street was so colourful with a great atmosphere. Walking through Leamington in the sunshine always reminds me of how lovely the place where I live is, but today was really special. Who needs to travel abroad when you can have England in the sunshine?

Anyway, yesterday evening and this morning I had to work as we were hosting a conference for teachers from one of our partner schools. Most of it was quite boring as they got on with it and Tina and I sat in the office messing about and waiting for them to ask us for stuff (blu tac etc) but it was worth it in several ways - I got paid overtime, I got a free cookie yesterday, there were bottles of wine left over from yesterday so I got free wine to take home today, there was loads of buffet left so I got enough for free lunch and dinner, and the headteacher tipped us both £20! Free food, free wine and free money - the only downside was missing most of the football. I do like my job.

PS - Will someone please blog about Whit Friday? I need drunken photos and stories of what the beer made you do, and I need them now!

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