Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's wrong, it's just plain wrong

Ok, now I'm not a fan of PDAs anyway so I may be being overly harsh here, but when I'm sitting on the back right hand seat on the bus home after a long day at work, I really don't want to see the 50-something couple on the back left hand seat kissing each other. For most of the journey it was just enthusiastic cuddling, which was bad enough, but when we got into Leamington, just as I was thinking "stop behaving like teenagers...but then teenagers usually eat each other's faces on the bus so I should be grateful", there they went. Tongue down your throat, noisy, full-on snogging. Yuk. By the Lillington Road traffic lights we were onto the whispering sweet nothings and I nearly hurled all over the bus. Is it just me, or is this something that really shouldn't be happening?!

Anyway. I've settled down to read this week's Heat, and have been horrified to see that the first article is all about Helen and Paul from BB2 breaking up! Helen and Paul were one of those real couples who made you smile, and I'm so sad they are no more. What is happening in this crazy world of ours?! It's all just plain wrong.


Chelsea Reay said...

I can't believe Helen and Paul broke up either!!! I was gutted!! Although not quite sure why they wanted to do a joint interview about it...... It was a good read tho, reminded me a lot of my own relationship trauma hehe.

I'm also with you on the PDA issue; I'm happy that people are in love in this world, I just don't wanna see it paraded in front of me!

Lu said...

And it's not just a single, bitter and twisted thing either as it irritates me even when I'm going out with someone! There's just no need, at any age. Have some respect for the people around you - we really don't need to see it!

Rant over.