Sunday, November 19, 2006


I've just come back from Ely where I spent a really lovely weekend with Jo, Mike, Juicy and Stu. We had lots of fun discovering Cambridge, eating noodles, doing the cathedral etc, but I just thought I should mention for posterity part of a round of the game of Taboo that was played on Saturday night while under the influence of wine and Blue Lagoons.

For the word "Beauty Spot":
Stu: "It's supposed to be very sexy on a woman".
Mike: "Vagina".

For the word "Kebab":
Stu: "You might have a dirty one of these after a drunken night out".
Mike: "Shag".

Genius. I should just mention that despite this the girls' team still lost...


Juicy said...

hehe that made me nearly wee! Had forgotten about that. Possibly the best 2 answers to Taboo that I've ever heard! How did we ever lose?

Juicy said...

Stu says it wasn't beauty spot it was dimple. Such a pedant... owww now he is hitting me!!