Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The wanderer returns, with some exciting news

Yes, I'm back! You can find out all about my Bath adventure on the travel blog where I've written my usual diary for those who are vaguely interested. Before that I was in Bewdley for mum's Traidcraft sale - I had fun taking the money while she had lunch, and then I cooked a very well-received dinner which we had with sparkling wine. I do like visiting my parents. On Friday night Simon came up and we went to see Mitchell and Webb who were very good indeed and made us laugh all the way through the show. Having to wait 35 minutes for a bus at 11pm in sub-zero temperatures was slightly less amusing (thanks TWM...) but cooking dinner at midnight was all very jolly and I didn't even wake up when Simon got up at 6 the next morning to get the train back to Reading for rowing training at 8.15 (Simon, you're a nutter).

So, my exciting news. Well, item one is that Dad has offered to buy me driving lessons! He told me that if I needed to do a further degree for my job he'd have paid for that, so seeing as I need to be able to drive to gain promotion he's going to pay for that instead. If we need to go out for work we get hire cars so I won't get my own car unless I can pay for it myself, but the lessons will be brilliant and definitely something I didn't think I'd be able to do for a while without help. The thought of getting behind the wheel terrifies me slightly, but the idea of spending the rest of my life on buses is a lot more scary so I shall try my best to overcome my nerves and become a good driver!

Item two is that having complained that my salary appeared to be less than the minimum salary on our new pay scale, I received a letter today from Personnel letting me know that yes, in fact I should be getting £500 more per annum, and that yes, I will be on the right salary from now on and that yes, this will be back-dated to 1st August. Excellent. Bring on the next pay cheque - 18 hours of overtime plus back-dating equals no problem with buying Christmas presents!

Now I have to go into work for two days and then it's the weekend again. What a hard life I do lead.

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Juicy said...

I've missed you!! It's been very dull at work without your emails but it all sounds like you've been having a fab time - tres jealous that you've been to the West Country when I haven't been able to get there for months!! Coolio news on the driving front - you'll be fine, it's nothing to worry about. x x