Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So, here I am sitting in my office, waiting for our Christmas party to start! We're off to Pizza Express for dinner at 7.30 but I didn't have time to go home so I've just got changed in the stock cupboard, straightened my hair (yes I did take them to work...) and done my face, and now I'm waiting for one of our new girls to be dropped off and we'll walk into town together and go to the pub before dinner. I may possibly have a slight headache at work tomorrow!

I've had a really busy but excellent weekend. Saturday morning brought the dreaded driving lesson, which I actually really enjoyed - for the first time in my life driving was fun! My instructor is great and explained everything clearly, and I ended up driving to Offchurch and Cubbington as well as round the roads of Lillington. Hurrah for me! After my mini triumph I had my second achievement of the day by managing to get nearly all my Christmas shopping done, which was great fun especially as there was a (not terribly good) brass band playing festive cheese to add to the general atmosphere. Then in the evening it was off to Northampton for Julia and Andy's housewarming - a most excellent party at which Tia Maria was consumed, red shoes were worn (by Skinner), handbags were carried (Skinner again) and amusing photos were taken of Juicy whacking me with a fly swot. Class.

After a surprisingly good sleep on my airbed, we got up early-ish on Saturday morning, I celebrated the achievement of sleeping in a new sleeping bag for a whole night without covering it in port-flavoured vomit, and then we headed back to Cov for a shower and a rehearsal. The afternoon saw our performance of Itaipu which was actually fun to sing through, if a little painful. The effect with the video was quite atmospheric and we sang well. I'd rather not have been rehearsing the piece all term, but for the performance I enjoyed it. Next term, as I hoped, we get our reward...Mahler 2 and The Music Makers! Bring it on.

Yesterday I was out again at the WO/Rev Christmas concert, which was a fab evening of cheese and tinsel. I really enjoyed the concert and had lots of fun, and sang my first carol of the year too. WO and Rev were a good combination and I hope they can do things together again.

I think that's my report finished for now. I shall spend the next half hour messing about on the internet and looking forward to my dinner. Mmm, pizza.

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