Sunday, December 24, 2006


For many years, we have had a bottle of vintage port in our garage. It started out as just ordinary port that Dad was given by a friend, but having been saved for so long has become vintage due to the passage of time. We've never come across an occasion to open it, and Dad eventually decided that this Christmas would be the time, as there are now four of us who can drink it and it might well have gone manky after being kept in the less than rarified setting of our garage. This morning mum and I got back from church to find the men in the kitchen giggling like girls, drinking port. Simon had only just got up and was having his with his breakfast cereal. Anyway, I was instructed to ignore the niceities of hanging my coat up and to just get hold of a glass as quickly as I could, following which they sat staring at me eagerly while I took my first sip.

And believe me, it was GOOD. Very, very good.

You can apparently buy the same vintage on the internet:
"1963 Sandeman: One of the most famous of all port shippers, Sandeman's 1963 has that wonderful elegance so typical of the brand, together with the concentration from such a fine vintage. Superb."
for the bargain price of £115 a bottle or £90.15 if you buy twelve. We now have only a few days to drink it at its finest...this is going to be a very good Christmas!

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Jess said...


And I love your family. They are random and fabulous.

Have a great Christmas!!