Saturday, November 12, 2005

Drunken blog!

Ok, I know you people have been waiting for a drunken blog for a long time, and who am I to deprive you?! I just had a fab girly night with Lucy and Kelly who both rule, and felt I should record events if only to record the quotes that happened during the night.

Firstly I feel you should know that I have thrown large quantities of water down my pyjamas just now.

Anyway. We had a pampering party thanks to the lovely lady from Mary Kay cosmetics, and I spent far too much on a glitter set and a handcare set, although the latter is my mum's Christmas presnet on which I'm going halves with my brother. When I phoned to check with him about this he provided the first quote of the evening:

"To be honest, I'm so ratarsed that I really don't care. Never drink a centurian with 7.5% chav lager". Oh dear...may have to check up on that one tomorrow!

After this we finished Juicy's bottle of wine and sampled my chocolate Mozart balls liqueur, before going to Voodoo where me and Juicy had the most fabulous shots, made up of butterscotch liqueur, Baileys and squirty cream on top! This brought on the second quote of the evening, from me:

"Drinking through cream. Recommended."

We then moved on to The Lounge, which was closed, and then to Robbins Well which was most definitely open, hurrah. On the way Juicy and Kelly between them concluded that Juicy is a man with breasts. But we love her anyway!

After another drink at the Well I left the lovely ladies at the bus stop (goodness knows where they are now...) and made my way home. A fabulous night, which I feel can only be beaten by School Days tomorrow which should be legendary. Be there! I will be (in a see through shirt...oh dear).

See you all tomorrow! xxx


Kelly said...

we got home in the end! after a long bus journey of rather drunken texts (appologies to anyone who we text!) we decided it would be fun to run from the bus stop and made rather a lot of noise coming down the street, stu heard us arriving and was there at the door telling us to "sshhhhhh"! oops!
had a brill night :o) i love cocktails and pamering - my face feels so lovely and soft this morning!! can't wait till tonight, if last night is anything to go by it's going to be hillarious!!
see you later!

Juicy said...

Apparently he wasn't shhhhing us, we were doing that ourselves! It was lots of fun anyway, and apologies to Lu for scaring/scarring her with dodgey texts...

nearly time to meet the legendry Tim Reynish - and then I can't wait to see everyone all dressed up for School Days!! Looking forward to seeing that see-through shirt...ooh err!

x x

Simon (Your Brother) said...

Never, ever, ever attempt a centurion with frosty jack's 7.5% white cider. Just say no. I have woken up. It's 6 am. My sink is full of sick. the water has drained from said sick, so now i have to move the chunks into a toilet. I may have texted random incoherant nonsence. I put a complaint in the suggestions box about all my fellow residents. It had my name and room number on it. I am naked.

^^^After said email was sent around a few people, I then attempted to go to London to watch my friends row in the Fours head of the River. I threw up thrice on the train on the way there, and once into a plastic bag on Waterloo station. I was the tramp you see chucking up on a train station.

And we only got to 60.....

Sarah said...

Simon, you are an absolute and total legend. Officially. May I suggest never ever doing that again if you actually want to remain alive the next day? I think you may have only just made it this time!

My brother. Legend.