Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pride and Prejudice!

I just spent the most fabulous evening in the company of Lucy and Lu. We went to Stratford to eat absolutely gorgeous food (and drink lovely wine in my case) at Caffe Uno, and to watch a comedy am dram production of Pride and Prejudice, in which Mr Darcy couldn't act but did get his chest hair out. The evening produced a quote from each of us:

Lucy: "I'll flirt with him until he gives it to me"
Lu: "He's a trumpet player called Matt...that's good enough for me"
Me: "Ooh, we're dancing to an invisible Beatles song!"

I have also decided it is necessary to compile a list of things that are officially Recommended. This will be updated in future postings as I discover new Recommended things. Currently my list is:

Drinking through cream
Coffee with Tia Maria
Mr Darcy
and of course Going out with the girls, which is truly fabulous. Ladies, you rock!

Only one more day at work and then I'm having Friday off! Yaaaay!
Life is officially great.

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