Monday, November 07, 2005

Fab concert

Well done to everyone in Wind Orchestra and Brass Band for a great concert tonight! I really enjoyed it, and even Mark agreed that it was worth paying £5 just to hear Simon Hogg reading out the lyrics to Sway. That man is smooth. Windows of the World was the definite highlight - it was very polished and played with real energy, thanks of course to Mr Inglis who is just great! The best moment was most definitely Sam's awesome drum solo - Sam, if you ever tell me again that your drum solos need improving I simply won't believe you. You're a star! :o) I'm really looking forward to coming and supporting at the NCBF when I'll be able to hear the piece again.

Hope you all enjoyed celebrating afterwards - sorry we didn't stay, but Mark and I had the 22.08 bus to catch! An A46 bus that leaves in 6 minutes time with a gap afterwards of 50 minutes is definitely not to be missed. However, I will catch up with some of you at the curry on Saturday which Raquel and I are gatecrashing before going on to the legendary event that is School Days. Hurrah!

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Juicy said...

Simon Hogg - smooth, isn't he?

ooh I have a disproportionatly large number of red skittles in my bad. This is GOOD.