Sunday, November 06, 2005


Just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who organised the fireworks party yesterday - I had a great time! Well done to Sam for arranging everything and making such yummy punch (even if he didn't know what was in it!), to Colin and Owen for the firework display, to Joe for the excellent idea of having 1812 in the background and to Dave for timing the music to the fireworks. A most excellent way to spend a Saturday night.

Today I'm having a lovely day in - I've finished the cleaning now and after lunch I'm going to read my new Jane Austen book that Raquel gave me and listen to piano music. I love hiding indoors when it's raining, and snuggling up all cosy and warm. Yay.

Good luck to everyone in WO and Brasssoc for tomorrow's concert - I'm sure it will be fab. I'll be in the audience and I'm sure I'll see most of you in the interval or afterwards.

See you then!


Sam Hancock said...

And thankyou for the fabulous brownies!

Sarah said...

You're very welcome! :o)

Wilby said...

I wouldn't exactly say that I "timed" the music. Pressing the pause button when nothing was happening isn't exactly timing!

Oh, and thanks for the brownies!