Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ball pics now up

My pics from Lesley's party and the ball are now up on my space. Enjoy!

The ball was a great night - I had loads of fun especially dancing at the end, with particular highlights being our conga-style adventure on Amarillo and the leg kicking in a circle to New York New York. I also had a moment when I put my dress on and it fastened up straight away, then I looked in the mirror and decided that I actually did look completely fab! I loved having big mad hair too, and am proud to have won the Tebay Most Amazing Hair of the Night Award - "You have amazing hair!", "Did I mention that your hair is amazing?", "How did you get your hair to do that?". Everyone else looked gorgeous as well, especially the Earlsdon girlies with their lovely straight hair dos. I didn't get as drunk as I planned but at least I was able to get up this morning and I'm now enjoying having a fat day - so far I have consumed most of a loaf of white bloomer with butter, a gorgeous Gu chocolate souffle with squirty cream and a spinach and ricotta cannelloni. I'm about to put a pizza in the oven... It's so nice to eat whatever I want just for a day, after all the hard work! I'm back on the exercise tomorrow though.

Thankyou to all my girlies for being so great and making our nights out so much fun! Roll on the next drunken party. xxx

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justjess said...

Hey Sarah!!

Seen your pics. You did indeed look rather fabulous!

Haha, also feel the need to mention that my word verification word is 'vorgs.' Haha, that sounds very Star Trek. Actually, this all seems much less funny now I'm typing it. Darn...