Sunday, February 26, 2006

So very tired

Good things to do when you're hungover:
- Eat one of Alicia's mum's fab fried breakfasts
- Bake muffins and eat 3 of them (1 with squirty cream!)
- Sit at home instead of going out to a tour social on the cold buses, and watch Time Team and Desperate Housewives

Bad things to do when hungover:
- Get up at 9.30 after going to bed at 4
- Take an hour-long train from Leeds to Manchester and then a two-hour very over-heated train to Leamington

Am now very very tired. However, the fantastic nature of the night out means that the hangover is definitely worth it! Any evening when you leave a club at 3 and then go searching for a 24-hour pub has to have been a good one.

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