Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, a life lesson from Aunty Sarah


Ladies and gentlement, you have wiated too long and now it's here - a drinken blog from Sarah!

If there is one life lesson I can impart to you, my readers, it is this. Speed Dating is goooood. I just spent a most fab ebening cahtting to 25 men, some more attractive than others, and I would recommend that any of you try it. It';s fab - you get to exert your fabulous female charms over all these men and tehn write amusing coments about them! I had a most fantastic night. After it gfinished i was persugaded to stay and chat by a man whose name I forget, who was unfortunately ginger and who clearly fancied the pants off me. The lady next to me (Rachel, lovely) commented thaqt I definitely had a tick tghere! Clearly I am well attractive. I also think I managed not to sound pissed which is well impressive given the state of my typing. Havbe had most of a bottle of wine. mmmmmmmm.

Comedy moment: was walking home and nearly walked past my house, tehn went "Oooh, I live there" and managed to get in,. Just cooked remsinds (remains?) of pasta and shouted "Ping" really loudly when microawave went, then jimped acrpss floor in manner of kangarroo tgo fetch said pasta. Man. Have open day tomorrow and will likely be hungover and knackered. errorr.

So yes - Valentine speed daing highly recommend, or at any time of year really, and definitely v attractive and funny men there. Hurrrrah.

Enjoy the drunken post of meeee!


Naomi said...

Sarah, you are an absolute legend. You have no idea how much that entry made me laugh and smile! So glad you had a fab time - man you have you guts!
I've missed my drunken Sarah entries but I have to say this was an absolute cracker - long may your fabulousness continue!

Lu said...

I second what Naomi said - Sarah, you rule, as do your drunken blog entries! Glad you enjoyed your Valentines outing, may there be many more! :) xxx

Juicy said...

Good grief Woman - that entry quite possibly even surpasses death balloon girl. I didn't realise the speed dating was last night...glad it was such fun! You legend 'Clearly I am well attractive' Said in the manner of a true drunk (it's true of course though, you're a sexy lady indeed!) x x x

Kel said...

I've only just seen this latest drunken entry! and it certainly lives up to expectations, in fact, as Juicy said, I think it surpasses them! :o) You seem to have developed the ability to express yourself superbly when drunken - why beat around the bush, hey?!

Glad you had a great night and I wish I had the guts to do what you did!

Lots of Love

Julia said...

I've only just seen this too - it sounds so fun!

Have missed your drunken posts, keep them up!

Helen said...

Haha - great entry sarah!!!