Friday, February 17, 2006

More sober follow-up blog

Well I'm glad I amused you all with that blog entry - I was certainly impressed by it when I read it the next day! It was a great night though...and clearly I actually am well attractive as I got 4 email addresses and already 2 men want to take me out to dinner. I shall certainly enjoy having all this male attention and free food and drink, and attempt to make it last as long as possible! The first date is on Wednesday night and I shall let you all know how it goes.

I have to work yet another open day tomorrow. This sucks. Ah well, at least I can spend the rest of the weekend cuddled up doing absolutely nothing - but two open days on a one-day weekend is not a good thing. I shall be very glad when they're all over.

Right, I'm off to wash up. Life is still all good - hurrah!


Juicy said...

"I actually am well attractive" - hell yeah, If I was a man, or a lesbian, I'd do you.

Yes, I am sober. Have a great weekend - see you Tuesday hurrah!!

Sarah said...

Juicy, I'd do you too. Yay for wine and chips! xx

Helen McT said...

Wahey! result!! Don't forget to write up entries on your dates!!