Friday, January 19, 2007

Fabulous day

Today has been a fabulous day for three reasons:

1. I handed in my career break request.

2. I gave a presentation to our Student Ambassadors which went really well - I wrote it yesterday and typed it up into PowerPoint slides without really thinking about it, and today when I stood up to speak I realised I was actually really nervous, but it went well and my colleagues said it sounded professional - woo.

3. We went for a drink after work and had a brilliant time. Michelle and I are going to a UCAS fair in London in about 6 weeks and on the bus on the way home we were planning where we're going to go on our nights out (we have 2!!), what we're going to wear and what music we're going to get ready to. It's going to be legendary.

Hurrah for being fab at my job and for my brilliant colleagues.


brandy said...

Congratulations! I love those days when everything seems to fall into place!

Chelsea said...

you should look me up when you head down to london! I can always help you find a good bar to get a lovely but ridiculously overpriced cocktail....and have a good girly gossip hehe! x