Sunday, January 28, 2007

Something to look forward to

Apologies for the highly depressing nature of the previous post - I've been feeling a bit lonely and sad recently but my mood always seems to pick up when I have things to look forward to. On Tuesday night I'm going to Lucy and Stu's for a night of food, girly films and cocktails - if we get anywhere near as drunk as Juicy seems to be this evening then it should be a good night! Next weekend I'm off to Birmingham for Lesley's birthday on Saturday night which will be my first proper night out for ages, and then the weekend after sees the ball on Saturday, with dressing up, drinking and dancing, and a lovely English day out on Sunday with pub food which I'm sure will help the old hangover.

In conclusion therefore, I'll be having fun over the next couple of weeks which will definitely cheer me up on a surface level, and hopefully I'll feel generally happier in myself as well.


Juicy said...

Think of an interesting cocktail that involves the following random ingredients I have bought:

Passion Fruit
Cranberry and raspberry juice
Coconut and pineapple juice.

The choice of alcohol is up to you!

Oooh and I have face masks!

Herr Hobo said...

That should help you both.

Sarah said...

Well, there are 43 things we could have made that use the ingredients listed above (apart from pomegranite which wasn't on the website) plus vodka, Cointreau and chocolate liqueur. Sadly however there wasn't anything that used them all at once! I think our creations were better than the ones listed though...the chocolate orange was sooooo good.

Juicy said...

"TO Gonorrhea!""

Sarah said...

Yes indeed.

Can you remember what we started off trying to say when we ended up with that toast? I have absolutely no idea...

Juicy said...

Well it was a combination of Gondor and Boromir!! I think it's a perfectly logical progression.