Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More weather-based ranting

This is just getting beyond a joke now. I woke up this morning to snow (thick enough to crunch on at the end of my road!) which was mildly exciting but meant I had to wear my trainers in order to not fall down on my way to work. I made it in ok, but discovered that I have a hole in my right trainer so spent the day with a damp heel.

Having spent about an hour in our slightly-less-Arctic-than-yesterday office, I headed out to our Performing Arts building where I sat between 10am and 3.15 in the foyer, working on the interview day that we were holding. The foyer was unheated and the doors were constantly opening, so I froze and then froze some more.

Then, about 15 minutes after getting back to the by-now-fabulously-tropical office, it started to rain. Insane coldness AND rain is frankly unacceptable behaviour. It had stopped by the time I went home, but the pavements are now slick with wet and tonight's predicted -4 temperatures mean that tomorrow morning I will more than likely be faced with icy pavements and will probably fall over and nearly die. (I'm not joking here - I've fallen over twice in my life due to frost, and both times my legs totally went from under me, I fell heavily on my back and stopped breathing. It was literally the most terrifying experience of my life. Feeling yourself choking and unable to do anything about it fills you with total fear and means that I've been really scared of walking in the frost ever since.)

On the plus side, I bought some rather lovely new trainers at lunchtime to replace the holy ones, so at least I'll have pretty feet when I kill myself!

I wonder why people think that the English enjoy complaining about the weather...


Sarah said...

I'm pleased to report that after a walk of fear, I arrived at work this morning without dying. Hurrah.

Juicy said...

I'm very glad to hear this. At least your home will be warmer once you have my little heater. Can't do much about your office though. I'd still recommend the thermals.

oooh and what are the new trainers like??

Sarah said...

Bizarrely, last night my house was quite warm and I had no trouble sleeping at all! This may have had something to do with the residual effects of the wine I had between work and Chorus...or maybe I was just on a Mahler high. Either way, it was all good, and now it's Friday! Yaaaay!