Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There's no pleasing some people

Ok, ok, I admit it - I brought this all on myself. I ranted on about the terrible weather and its effect on my hair, and although I didn't actually write it down I was half wishing the cold dry weather of last winter would return, so that I could have perfect straightness for weeks on end like I did then.

And then, in answer to my wishes, it changed from unseasonably warm to bone-chillingly cold within the space of two days, and I remembered just how uncomfortable and unpleasant it is to be too cold to sleep. I'm a cold person at the best of times, with poor circulation in my hands and feet, and in these temperatures if I haven't switched the fire on as soon as I get in from work I'll be unable to sleep as my whole body will be tense with the effort of retaining a tiny bit of heat in my immediate space. This morning at work I had to sit in my fleecey jacket for the first hour because the office was too cold for me to function in my normal clothes. I'm also having rather unpleasant recollections of getting home on a Thursday after Chorus and trying to sleep in a house that hasn't been heated all evening (apart from the rapidly flagging storage heaters) and actually crying with frustration and tiredness while each movement sends a new shot of cold through me. I'm not looking forward to repeating that experience this week...

On the plus side, today my hair was as perfect when I got home as it was when I left the house in the morning. I think I'll start wishing for a hot dry summer!


Juicy said...

Right that's settled. I'm buying you thermal undies my girl.

Julia said...

I know exactly how that feels! This house doesn't retain any heat whatsoever, I'm wearing 3 jumpers at the moment (including my very warm brasssoc hoody)! The lounge normally ends up being warm at the end of the night, but go out the room and it's absolutely freezing! Grrr... bring on summer! xx