Saturday, June 02, 2007


This morning, my horrible downstairs neighbours called round to say that water was coming through their ceiling. As it happens, my washing machine was running at the time, so putting two and two together I switched it off and called my landlord who sent a large Australian plumber round to investigate. It turns out that I need a brand new machine as it's far too old to bother fixing, so a rather stressful situation has had a beneficial ending. Also, in an absolutely sweet moment of poetic justice, the item that was directly underneath the drip was...their stereo. It's only a tiny little piece of unintentional revenge for the endless 4am rude awakenings, but it feels good all the same. Even better though has been watching them load up cars and vans for the past few hours, and knowing that after today I never have to see those selfish, rude and generally objectionable people again. Never have I disliked anyone more, and I can't believe that I get to enjoy the remaining 8 months in this flat without having to get stressed about them every weekend. Today, after starting in somewhat dramatic fashion, is a very good day.


Juicy said...

I so envy you! Not only for managing to get rid of your hideous neighbours (which I have yet to achieve) but also for having an Australian plumber come to your house (I hope he was fit) and a brand new washing machine on its way!

Muchos LOL-idge at the Stereo revenge!!!

Sarah said...

Believe me, you really don't envy me the Australian plumber. He was enormous, 50-something, bald and moustachioued. If they're all like that when I head over there I shall be most disappointed!