Sunday, June 03, 2007


Today, I got my first shot of the year of the intoxicating drug that we call sunshine. Yes, there have been sunny days this year and yes it's been warm, but this was the first day that it was both truly summer-warm without even the slightest chance of needing a cardi or jacket, and beautifully sunny with a bright blue sky. I woke at 7am, not by choice but because my body wanted me to enjoy the day, and after spending three hours completing my project work I got up, made a prawn salad, packed my lunch and new book into a bag and headed out to Jephson Gardens where I sat on a rug for an hour and a half enjoying a good girly read and some rather yummy food. The weather was just gorgeous and I felt so happy and peaceful.

After lunch I wandered round town for a while, enjoying the fact that I didn't have anywhere in particular to go and could just amble about and enjoy the heat of the day. I'm having one of those days that happen every now and then, when you look really good and feel really confident (I have no independent verification of the looking good but I think I do so you'll just have to take my word for it!) and I wanted to be outside so my general fabness wasn't wasted on my tv and walls. I'm wearing pink and white, my favourite summer colours, and everything co-ordinates down to my earrings, shoes and handbag. I'm also having a really good hair day: smooth and straight but with volume. Anyway, I took my gorgeous self into a variety of shops, admiring expensive dresses in Monsoon, lusting after gorgeous white tops and teal shoes in M&S and dragging myself away from amazing earrings in Accessorize, and managed not to spend any money at all apart from some that was already allocated within my travelling budget for a summer hat which I bought from Accessorize. It's white broderie anglaise, with a funky peak and three little beads for decoration, and it's generally gorgeous and matches exactly with what I'm wearing today. Here's a picture:

They even gave me a pink and white bag to carry it in!

Anyway, my first shot of sunshine has brought with it all the usual feelings of happiness, postivitity and general looking forward to the future. Now if only we could work outside during the week, life would be pretty much perfect!


brandy said...

What a cute hat! And it sounds like a great day, I love those days where even the hair is perfect. Fingers crossed you have many more of these days this summer!

Juicy said...

Good for you el Sare-io! I cannot wait for the weekend where I am going to glam myself up for a night out in London! Hotel is booked, train also booked now all I need to do is decide what to wear... I hope it's as nice at the weekend as it is looking today! x x