Sunday, July 15, 2007

I thought I could hear the curious tone...of a bunch of musicians in Jephson Gardens

Today I earned a very welcome £10 by playing for a wind band in Jephson Gardens. Lu, Ed, Tebay, Dave and I depped for a couple of hours and it was actually really good fun, especially as I was the first oboe player they'd ever had! There were a couple of solo moments that took me slightly by surprise but it was pretty easy stuff, and we had an impressive set of cheese including Amarillo, Abba Gold and the Ronan classic If Tomorrow Never Comes. One of the highlights was definitely playing The Floral Dance for the first time ever - I was disproportionately excited when he announced it. Our tuning was interesting, our ensemble was in parts non-existent and our tempi were consistently slow, but the audience loved it and we had a lot of fun.

Also in the news today: a small flood on my kitchen floor as water started running out of the bottom of my washing machine door. Looks like I'm going to need yet another replacement. Maybe this time he'll actually bother to buy a brand new one. Or maybe not.

This Thursday I'm going to spend my tenner on cocktails at Bar 44: I haven't been for ages and I'm really looking forward to an evening out with the girls. Then on Saturday it's mum's birthday so it's home on Friday night for a meal in: even Simon will be there which is brilliant! On Saturday we're going to see Harry Potter and then having dinner out, and I'm also earning a little bit more money playing for a wedding so all is good. The next excitement though is tomorrow when my piano is (supposedly) finally arriving! Barring any more incompetence from the delivery company (for a global logistics firm they seem to find delivering things on time quite difficult) I shall have a brilliant day of playing my favourite pieces and exploring my new instrument. For now though, I'm going to curl up and enjoy being cosy at home when it's manky and wet outside.

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