Sunday, September 18, 2005

Back online at long last!

So, after 2 weeks of isolation from the world I am back online! I even managed to manually connect the modem and type in scary VPI and VCI values. Go me!

Well of course the big news is that I have a new house and a new job. I absolutely love living in Leamington, where the shops, bars and train station are all within 10 minutes walk, and I especially love Bar 44 where Juicy, Julia, Lesley and I spent a rather fabulous evening last Thursday drinking the best cocktails ever - I highly recommend the one that tastes of liquid After Eight mints and the shooter that's a mixture of butterscotch and Baileys. I'm also highly excited by the new job which I'm starting in 3 weeks time - I will be a Recruitment and Admissions Assistant at Coventry Uni. When I went for the interview the people there were really nice and the job sounds so interesting. Plus I get more lovely money! Yay. And yes, for the 2% of people out there who haven't yet pointed this out to me, I have just moved out of Coventry and will now be working there. But I don't care!

The other piece of vaguely exciting news is that I've been invited to our department's awards ceremony. I'm organising it so would have gone anyway, but the fact that I'm invited means I'm nominated for something and can therefore dress up properly and enjoy it knowing that it's a recognition evening for me as well as for everyone else there. What a fab excuse to go shopping - I think a little black dress may be required.

Finally, everyone who hasn't read their email or whose address I don't have is most welcome to come to my housewarming this Saturday (24th) from 7pm. Bring your own drink and I will provide party food. Email me if you need directions.

Right, am off to surf the wonderful internet and enjoy my return to civilisation. Hurrah!

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Juicy said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging Sarah, we missed you!!

Well, I did. I can't technically speak for anyone else, but I'm sure they would say the same.

mmmm, after eight cocktails.