Friday, September 30, 2005

A very important message

Ok people. When you get home drunk at the shockingly early hour of 8pm having been out for tapas with your colleagues, do not attempt to cook everything in your fridge and serve it for dinner. Pasta with white wine, garlic and cheddar might just about be acceptable, but the addition of 5 pieces of Irish cream flavoured Aero does not improve things. If you don't have enough pasta I would also not recommend attempting to cut up dry lasagne with a pair of scissors. Of course I have no personal experience of this, it is all merely hypothetical. Ahem.


Juicy and Stu said...

Having both just read your latest rather amusing entry we have come up with the conclusion that you are fab Sarah!!

Sarah said...

Well thankyou very much! You two are both also totally fab. Had a great birthday drinks tonight - Juicy you rock. Hope you had lots more tequila after I left! xxx