Tuesday, September 20, 2005

V good night

Had a fab night tonight. Played in the chamber orch concert which went surprisingly well, then went to ASK for yummy dinner and lovely free wine (thankyou Symphony Orchestra!). Had brill girly conversation with Mr Inglis who I feel must be added to my list of legends. Andy, you are officially a legend and sorry for inferring that you are a girl. Am embarrassingly drunk considering that I only had 3 glasses of wine. Hmm, must go to bed, have to work tomorrow.


Wilby said...

You should really work out some way of attaching a breathalyzer to your computer to stop you blogging when you're pissed :-)

Sarah said...

Oy, I didn't think this one was that bad! I checked the spelling and everything.

Andy said...

Ooo, I'm a legend :-)