Thursday, September 22, 2005

I love shopping!

Hurrah! For once I set out on a shopping trip with a specific aim in mind and returned having purchased all I wanted and more! I needed a little black dress (LBD) for the staff awards do, and found a fabby shift dress in Next for £55. I then went to Clarks who are the purveyors of wondrous pretty shoes that also fit and are nice to wear, and found some lovely deep purple kitten heels with sparkly purple and pink bits on! And they had a matching bag! I am very excited and happy. I now have a proper cocktail outfit that I can wear to any smart occasion.

I think I will now eat all the bad things that I have in my freezer so that they have gone away and are no longer there. Especially the free tub of icecream which my freezer appears not to want to freeze so has become a tub of slush. I don't mind as it was free, but it does taste much nicer frozen! The only other bad thing I have is a garlic baguette which is so lovely but really bad for you. It keeps staring at me every time I go in there. Hmm, what to do...I don't want to eat too much as then I will not look as good in the dress (which I have to hold my tummy in in anyway, to prevent icky bulgy bits) but I do so like eating and once it's gone it can't tempt me anymore. Arses to dieting, can't wait till it's over, but if I keep being naughty it never will be!


But happy thoughts, I have a new outfit! Yay!

Hmm, it would appear that my blogs when sober are of no better quality than when drunk. Clearly I have some rambling gene that cannot be overcome. Solution: ice cream and crappy tv! :o)

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Juicy said...

Sarah, you are a legend! You can wear your little black number when we have cocktails at our house and I'll wear mine! yay for LBD!!