Sunday, September 25, 2005

Fab Weekend

I've had such a good weekend! On Friday night I went to see Pride and Prejudice with the lovely Lucy and Lu, and spent a most enjoyable 2 hours swooning over a seriously sexy Mr Darcy in what was a very well made film with a lovely score and some very funny moments. Controversial I know, but I think this Mr Darcy was even better than the legend that is Colin Firth. Yum. After the film a big crowd of us went to the City Arms - quote of the evening came from Craig: "Will you stop with the vaginal discharge when I'm trying to eat eggs". Don't ask.

Yesterday was my housewarming! Had an absolutely fab evening with my friends who are all great. We managed to get through the 6 boxes of party snacks and 4 pizzas with hardly any leftovers, and I now have a large collection of empty bottles to illustrate the amount that was drunk. The fabulous Jo came all the way from Ely to see me which was lovely, and so many different people dropped in during the night to say hello, including the bloke from upstairs who brought wine but only stayed 5 minutes - free wine and not too long making awkward conversation! Bargain. I cleared up the mess in very quick time this morning too, and I didn't have a hangover! All in all an excellent party.

Finally, today I took my film in to be developed and spent time this afternoon putting pictures in my album and in frames, and laughing hysterically at all the many wonderful photos of Juicy in various states of drunkenness. Never before has one girl been comically pissed in so many pictures. Juicy, you're fab and we wouldn't have you any other way. Said photos will be up on my MSN space very soon so you can all appreciate them. Other comedy highlights include Lu after fruit wine (nice) and Colin Dean. Of course I am aware that there are some great pictures in existence of me, the most recent being the one taken on Friday night of me thinking about Mr Darcy (yum again) and so I don't really have any room to make fun of others - but I don't care, comedy pictures are brilliant no matter who they're of.

Right, I'm going to put pictures online. Miss Young beware! :o)


Lu said...

I wasn't that bad... surely...

Am rather worried now! Photographic evidence is never good. But thank you for a great party - looking forward to the rest of the pictures! :-)

Naomi said...

Sarah - you rock! I love reading your blog (especially when you are drunk when writing the entries - those ones are the best :-) ). Thanks for the wicked party last Saturday, lots of drink and class quotes in your fabulous pad - who could ask for more?!
See you soonxx

Sarah said...

Why thankyou! I aim to please. :o)