Friday, October 07, 2005

Awards evening

Ok so I know I organised this but I have to was bloody fantastic. Everything went perfectly, some really deserving people won prizes and I got flowers and a kiss from the Director - woo! Then my team and I single handedly held up the dancefloor with our fantastic moves and finished up the night waving our hands manically to Bon Jovi. I love work people - they rock. Can't believe it's my last day tomorrow! But I do get to have another pissup so it's all good. And then it's Juicy's pissup on Saturday! Hurrrrrrrrraaaaaaaah.

Mmmm, had soooo much fun. Yaaaaaay.

PS My dress actually creates the illusion that I have boobs!

Must go to bed.


Juicy said...

If it creates the illusion that you actually have boobs can I pretend to squeeze them? Glad the awards were so good - bet you feel a bit odd that you've finished there now!

Sarah said...

Squeeze away me dear. See you tomorrow if I haven't died of alcohol poisoning! xxxx

Juicy said...

You really are having a drunky week aren't you!!

See you later minx xxxxxxxxxxxx