Sunday, October 09, 2005


Have just returned from Juicy, Stu and Craig's housewarming party which was fabulous. The lovely Miss Critchley has requested a drunken blog entry, so although I'm not drunk I thought I'd oblige by listing the quotes of the evening.

Alicia: "I was in A&E and a lady came in with something stuck inside her".
Andy H: "Was it a Nokia 8210?"

Alicia: "Andy's new name is Agent Head".
Andy R: "That sounds like a really shit brand of toilet cleaner".
Dave: "Put Agent Head under your rim".

All in all a fantastic evening. Kudos to Andy Lay for managing to create a sentence totally devoid of innuendo out of the dirty fridge magnets, and to Stu for mixing such great cocktails. I may have only had 2 but they were both yummy! It was great to see Jo and Mike again, and to have a brilliant girly chat with Lesley on the bus home - looking forward to the weekend in Manchester! I also got to dress up which is always a bonus. I finally finished my film so pictures will be up tomorrow! Hurrah.

There should be more parties like this one. Well done to the fabulous Juicy, Stu and Craig for putting on such a great night for us all!

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Juicy the hungover beast said...

Sarah you are a legend and you looked fabulous! Thank you for your lovely entry. It was a fab night and I feel very honored to have such amazing friends!!!

See you soon x x x