Sunday, October 16, 2005

It's my birthday!

Yay! Along with the lovely Juicy and Alicia, I have now reached the age of 23. Bizarrely I don't feel old: this may be to do with being the youngest person in my office and being told I'm lucky to be so young all the time. Anyway, on this day I feel that it is my duty to bring you all a very important piece of advice. This is a life lesson which I have learned over the past couple of weeks and which I learned good and proper this morning when I spent two hours feeling rougher than the arse of an extremely elderly badger. And the lesson is this.

Do not drink a vat of wine.

I feel that if I had worked this out earlier I wouldn't have had to be manoeuvred home by Dave last night (thankyou Dave, you are a star) due to not actually being able to stand up. Also I would not have got in the house too drunk to even blog, which is a first, and I would have been able to do more than leave a trail of bags, keys and items of clothing between the door and the bed before collapsing into said bed and passing out. Also, this morning I would not have felt so ill.

But now I feel better (Ibuprofen, you are my friend) and happy and excited. I'm still such a little girl when it comes to birthdays! And apart from the end result, last night was brilliant and I had such a good time. Lu - thankyou for being such a good girly friend! Alicia and Andy - thankyou for looking after me and for the lift there and back, and for the mysterious bag of parcels which appeared in my flat and which I assume were from you! Dave - as above. Sorry! And Rachel - thankyou for such lovely thoughtful presents. We will find our Mr Darcys!

Right, time to dry my hair. I shall see most of you tonight! xxx


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Have a good night tonight.

Jess Hood said...

Hey Sarah!!!

Your birthday sounds...well, like one of mine. Wine is the drink of the gods. Shame about the hangovers, think it must be the whole ying yang thing...

Anyways, enjoy being 23, having a job, and your very own flat to pass out in. I'm so jealous. Still, I got 6 months to catch up...

Juicy said...

Cafe Rouge rocks! Hope you enjoyed your birthday Sarah - even if it was more sober compared to the night before!!

You rule. Officially.

Sarah said...

Thankyou people, you are all fab. Sorry I was a bit quiet on Sunday night, I was in a decidedly weird mood. But thankyou to everyone for coming and for all the lovely presents and cards! xxx