Monday, October 24, 2005

Moky and pooky

These are two fab words I have inherited from my mum and describe how I am feeling now perfectly: basically a bit manky and ill. I think I've caught Juicy's bug! Error.

I had such a good evening on Sunday! I met my parents in Symphony Hall at 5, then we went for lunch at The Locks in Brindley Place. I had a spritzer and we ate yummy wraps, then we had hot chocolate and I had a brownie and icecream! Yum. It was lovely to catch up in such a nice setting - my parents are so cool! They had been to the British Museum the day before to see the new Persian exhibition, and showed me some postcards of the amazing gold goblets and statues that they saw.

After dinner we went back to Symphony Hall to see Ex Cathedra, a really fab Midlands choir, perform Haydn's Nelson Mass and Mozart's Requiem. The performance was just perfect with real energy, and the choir, soloists and orchestra were all excellent. The conductor interpreted it really well and the whole thing was just complete class. It was brilliant to sit in such a gorgeous hall and listen to such wonderful music. Hurrah for cultural evenings, especially ones of real quality. I'm really looking forward to doing it all again in November when we go to see the City of Birmingham Choir and CBSO do the Verdi Requiem - Verdi rocks anyway and when combined with a meal out and a parental catch-up it will be just fab.

Back to work this morning: rain and wind and mank! I did lots of data entry which was quite fun and went to a couple of meetings. We have another open day at the end of the week so it's another 6 day job - arse to 1 day weekends! But that's the last one of the year now which is good. I started feeling manky towards the end of the day and got home feeling really crap, but I've now eaten yummy sausage casserole and cuddled up and now still feel rancid but also happy. Plus I've mended my trousers which broke in quite an embarrassing place last week, so it's all good! :o)

I shall cease these pointless ramblings now.


Naomi said...

Yay for casserole!
Glad you enjoyed the Ex Cathedra concert - I sing in the Ex Cathedra Academy choir which Jeffrey Skidmore also conducts and I have to say the man is a legend! I love the rehearsals because he's always so full of energy and it's so much fun. I think that's part of the reason why the Ex Cathedra choirs are so good :).
Anyway, if I don't see you on Thursday I hope you get better soon!xxx

The Juicinator said...

Was the embarassing place on the scale of 'ripping ones trouser fly and exposing ones bright red pants just before going on stage infront of a crowd of thousends?'
I do hope not.

Your weekend sounded lovely Sarah - culture and ice cream, what more could a girl want (with the obvious exception of a Mr Darcy lookalike)

I like cadbury hot chocolate. It makes me feel better! Sorry I gave you my minging cold!

Sarah said...

Don't worry - I'm feeling much better now! The trouser thing involved glancing down during a presentation (I was sitting at the back, not presenting!) and realising that everyone could see that I was wearing blue and pink flowery knickers. A quick dash back to the office for a safety pin and everything was fine. They were new trousers as well! Darn Wallis.