Friday, October 28, 2005

Baileys... goooooood. It's so nice to come home on a Friday night and have a nice glass of it before making dinner.

Working on a baaaaaad. Damn open day. If there is anyone at all out there in the whole entire world who isn't recovering from beer and cheese on Saturday night and wants to go out, please let me know! I really want to go out and can't find a single other person who does. Silly silly Saturday work! :o)


Steve Wharton said...

Where about do you work ? not that I'm on the tap at all. I've currently got bird flu - so not had a alcohol for nearly a full week (well Wednesday)

Gimme a shout if you wanna chinwag


Julia said...

Come to Hannah, Rebecca and Edd's party in Earlsdon, I'll be there!

Juicy said...

Which one of the three is Steve though we wonder?

Baileys is indeed good - have you managed to drink your birthday bottle? I actually haven't drunk Baileys in ages, but I did have some very nice cider with lemongrass at last nights beer and cheese (which was good fun although apologies to anyone who was listening to my piano playing, I can't help it, I like to play but I don't think I'm very good when I've had a few)

Hope you have a relaxing Sat night and see you tomorrow! x x