Monday, October 23, 2006

Fascinating fact

I meant to write about this at the end of the previous post but forgot. As far as anniversaries go this is a pretty good one - yesterday it was apparently 6010 years since the entire universe was created, at least if you believe Bishop Usher. Usher was one of the many scientists and theologians who have tried to work out the age of our planet and the void in which it spins, and his method (many years ago) was to work backwards through the Bible from the birth of Jesus, putting dates on all the births and events until he reached Adam. His amusingly accurate conclusion was that creation took place on October 22nd in the year 4004BC. The universe coming into existence around them must have been quite a surprise to everyone who was alive at the time...

Anyway, a happy result of this was that Radio 3 played Haydn's Creation yesterday morning in celebration, so I had a rather glorious soundtrack to my cereal and juice thanks to Bishop Usher.

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